Rules & Regulations

All the students of Patanjali Bhartiya Ayurvigyan Evam Anusandhan Sansthan will be abide to follow and observe the following rules and regulations –

To be eligible to participate in any examination of the course, minimum 75% class attendance is compulsory for a student of the college.

Prescribed uniform is compulsory for all the students in the college.

It is mandatory for all the students of the Institute to participate actively in Yajna, Yogic practices, Games etc. daily arranged in the college campus.

It is mandatory for all the students of the Institute to participate actively in YAGYA at morning.

No student (Boy/Girl) will be allowed to leave the college/hostel premises without the prior permission of the Principal and hostel Warden.

Presently Tuition fee of the course, as decided by the state Government, is Rs. 2,15,000/- (two lacks and fifteen thousand only) per year.

Use of Alcohol, Smoking, Non-vegetarian eatables are strictly prohibited in the college and hostel premises.

Hostel fee is Rs. 48,000/- (forty eight thousand only) per year at present. In case, it is revised, resident student shall have to pay according to the new rates.

The total amount of Tuition fee and Hostel fee has to be paid by the Demand Draft in the month of July every year.

In case, a student leaves the hostel during the mid session of an academic year, Hostel fee will not be refunded in any case.

Once a student is allowed and admitted to the course (B.A.M.S.) in the Patanjali Bhartiya Ayurvigyan Evam Anusandhan Sansthan, Haridwar, will not be permitted to leave and vacate the seat of the college. In case, it is inevitable one has to pay and submit the total Tuition fee for the period of four and half (4 ½ ) year i.e. for the complete duration of the B.A.M.S. course.